Price list 2021 

NEW SEASON starts 1st March 2021

Brockhill Trout Pools are open all year round. The pools may close during very hot spells in the summer. 

7:00 am until 45 Minutes after advertised sunset times.

Tickets are found in the ticket hut situated by the gate.

ALL ANGLERS are to complete Ticket on arrival, instructions in the hut and must complete the returns portion of the ticket before departure. 

Lower Pool Reeds


Day Ticket

‘Sporting’ (catch and release) £20.00


(NO fish to be taken,Barbless or de-barbed hooks only)


Two Fish Ticket £25.00


Four Fish Ticket £35.00


Father and Son (under 16) £35.00

(Four Fish Limit)


Catch and release AFTER limit has been reached.



Season Ticket

subject to availability, March 1st-April 30th only


2021 season ticket price is £170.00 

plus £5.00 per fish taken (80 fish season limit).

2021 is the first price increase since 2013 and is due to the increased cost of fish