1. Anglers to complete ticket on arrival

2. Vehicles MUST be parked on the drive.

3. Fly tackle and single fly ONLY. Min 4lb line, Max size 10 hooks.

4. Please DO NOT leave any litter, a bin is provided in the ticket hut.

5. ALL persons fishing do so entirely at THEIR OWN RISK. The owners take NO responsibility for any Damage, Accident, or Injury of whatever kind or nature may result, or for the loss of, or damage to their property or vehicle. 

6. NO CHILDREN under the age of 16 years are allowed UNLESS accompanied by an adult.

7. NO DOGS allowed.

8. Anglers must complete Return Portion of ticket on Departure.

9. The owners reserve the right to inspect fishing tackle and other equipment, and to amend the rules anytime without notice.

10. Anyone found contravening any of the above rules will be asked to leave and NOT be re-admitted or refunded.